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To build awareness of our clients’ products and services, we create:

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Newsletters in Print and Online
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Special Events from Creation to Post-event

We invite you to browse through some of the articles we have written about public relations:

How to Think Like a Public Relations Expert

When I think of public relations, I imagine a little cartoon guy persistently waving his arms overhead, and steadily, just loud enough, calling out “Hello! Hello!” The little guy is petitioning for attention.

I should mention that in one waving hand the little guy holds his photo. And I should also mention that he is facing a magazine, a TV, and a Google page on a computer.

The little guy’s mission is to embed his image on the pages and screens of the media so that when you, his public, discover him in those places you will fall in love with him. He is doing public relations.

Public relations is the arm of marketing that builds awareness and a favorable image for a product, creates interest, provides information, stimulates demand, and reinforces the brand. A PR campaign reaches the public through communications outlets including traditional print and broadcast media, community, and internet resources.

By reaching the public through the influence and power of a third party – the media – the subject of a well-structured public relations campaign becomes credible in the mind of the public or customers because they view the media as an independent, unbiased resource.

The little guy’s photo appears in the media, not because he bought advertising, but because the media judged that he was important enough to write or speak about. In addition, media coverage has allowed the PR campaign to disseminate detailed, valuable information about the little guy which other forms of promotion can’t do.

Our little guy has access to a gigantic box filled with public relations tools including media relations, newsletters, special events, speaking engagements, sponsorships, employee relations, and community relations.

This doesn’t, however, mean that there are not bumps in the road. In this form of promotion, the little guy is beholden to someone else’s decision as to when, or if, the information will reach the public, and if it is correct, precise, and positive.

For those reasons, the little guy is wise to either become a public relations expert or turn his image over to someone who is. Successful public relations is much more than knocking out a press release and mass mailing it. The press release is a tool that produces great results only when crafted with an understanding of how an editor thinks, how the media works and what the media needs.

Hey, it looks like the little guy did his job well. After all, we’re writing about him.